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Leading your student services to
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Connect With Your Students' Needs

Dr. Ivy Ge is a pharmacy professor, author, and speaker who helps universities and colleges to connect with students’ needs and provide solutions for improved retention outcomes on a budget.

She holds degrees in business, engineering, and pharmacy. Her diverse academic background enables her to connect with students in both liberal arts and science majors, pinpoint and address the emotional triggers that keep students from engaging in academic and social life on campus.

She helps institutions identify high-risk students by screening incoming first-years and design student services around these students to achieve a highly effective retention-based program.

She has made a series of successful career transitions—from airlines to pharmacy to becoming an award-winning author. Her book, The Art of Good Enough, received the 2020 Reader’s Favorite International Book Award, Silver Medal. She teaches students the step-by-step process of building coveted soft skills to stay versatile in today’s competitive job market.  

As a horse accident survivor with a spinal cord injury that could have left her paralyzed, she explores self-healing methods in emotional, spiritual, and physical realms and restores her body when no medical treatment can relieve her pain and suffering. She is currently working on a book about self-healing and shares her learnings on using adversities as a catalyst for positive change.

Leading Your Student Services to a Better Retention Outcome

Connecting with the Need and Providing Solutions for Improved Outcomes

Leading Your Student Services to a Better Retention Outcome

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Retention Based Programs on a Budget

Cost-Effectively Pinpoint and Address the Emotional Triggers that Keep Students from Engaging.

Retention Based Programs on a Budget

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Reverse Engineer Student Retention

Take a Step Back and Discover What Really Resonates with Your Students.

Reverse Engineer Student Retention

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Dr. Ge’s Keys for Building Resiliency and Overcoming Obstacles

Discovery Tools that will Engage Students and Keep Them Moving Forward Toward the Goal

Dr. Ge’s Keys for Building Resiliency and Overcoming Obstacles

Chat with Dr. Ge
Dr. Ivy Ge, speaker, professor, author of The Art of Good Enough

I Am Dr. Ivy Ge

Dr. Ivy Ge is a professor and award-winning author of The Art of Good Enough and Life Transformation Journal. She has a unique game plan for helping students overcome self-doubt and anxiety, improving their communication and decision-making skills, and preparing them for a thriving career ahead.

Her student retention/wellness and resiliency workshops are successfully taught at UCSF, School of Pharmacy (voted by students as the winner of Dean’s Apple Teaching award). As a multi-genre author, Dr. Ge has transformed her life and offers students the tools to experience tangible improvements in their personal lives and on-campus experiences. She writes to inspire students to design their own destiny. Her self-help books empower students to pursue self-growth and attain their goals. Her writings and interviews have been featured on MSNBC, PBS, Thrive Global, the Times of India, Harvard Business Review, Midwest Book review, and Publisher’s Weekly.

Why My Talks

Reverse Engineer Student Retention for Improved Outcomes

Interactive Presentation

Engaging sessions filled with role play, case studies, self reflections.

Trusted Knowledge

Content is continually updated on the latest research findings and case studies.

Virtual and In-Person Presentation

All talks and workshops can be delivered in person or online.

The Essential Skills for Student Success During the Pandemic

Reverse engineer student retention talks and workshops by Dr. Ivy Ge
The Art of Good Enough: Life Transformation Journal front cover

Life Transformation Journal


What types of student retention programs do you offer?

I offer half-day and full-day workshops online and in-person to both students and faculties and staff. I also provide customized talks ranging from 90 minutes and three hours. Please fill out the contact form below to discuss the details. 

What training materials do you provide in addition to your talks?

I offer two books written specifically for my talks: Student Success Manual and Student Success Journal. 

What differentiate you from other speakers?

I customize my talks to your institution’s specific needs. My speaking topics are unique, research-based, highly relevant to your institution. Please use the contact form below to tell me your institution’s specific needs. 

Where can I find more information about you?

You can find more information about me at Please use the contact form below to request my speaker sheet and details of my speaking topics and workshops.  

What's the best way to contact you?

Please fill out the contact form below to discuss the details. I reply within 24 hours, rain or shine!


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