Student Retention

College speaking on Reverse Engineering Student Retention -Dr. Ge's Keys to Reaching Your Goals


Dr. Ivy Ge’s Keys to Engaging and Retaining Your Students  

Engaging and retaining students is a serious issue for campuses around the country. What unique tools can be implemented to get students actively involved and willing to stay the course, and to insure they obtain that much-needed degree to compete in today’s demanding global market?




Topics Include:

>Student Retention- Reverse Engineer to Stay the Course and Reach Your Goals – Ivy Ge’s Formula to get where you want to go!

>Build Your Resiliency and Overcome Your Obstacles Depression and Anxiety Have to Take a Back Seat to Self Confidence and Contentment

>Decision Making ToolsHow to Pick and Choose the Best Path for Your Life

>Discover Strong Relationships- Pinpoint the Characteristics that Will Benefit You Socially and Emotionally and Improve Your Over-all Campus Experience.

Dr. Ivy Ge, a Doctor of Pharmacy from UCSF, has a unique game plan for getting students involved, seeing their grades improve, and to improve their on-campus interpersonal communication and interaction skills.  A multi-genre author, Dr.Ge has transformed her own life and offers students the necessary tools to experience tangible improvements in their personal lives and on-campus experiences. She writes to inspire students to design their own destiny and her self-help books empower students to pursue self-growth and attain their goals.   Her writings and interviews have been featured on MSNBC, PBS, ABC, Fox, CBS, CW, Telemundo, Thrive Global and others

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