Dr. Ivy Ge, speaker, professor, author of The Art of Good Enough

Hi, I'm Dr. Ivy Ge.

From an aspiring actress to becoming a pharmacy professor and an award-winning author, I’ve transformed my life while balancing the role of a working mother. I write and teach people how to pursue self-growth and reverse engineer solutions to your problems.

The key to joy and fulfillment is not to wrestle with your shortfalls, but to value and capitalize on your strengths, hence the art of good enough.

My book The Art of Good Enough and its companion Life Transformation Journal have been featured on PBS, Working Mother Magazine, Thrive Global, The Times of India, and Parentology.

I help people achieve their goals through my workshops, talks, online courses, and books. Get in touch with me and see how I can help you get to where your want to be.

Online Courses

Strengthen Relationship During Quarantine

How to Save Your Relationship During Quarantine?

  • You’re feeling trapped, anxious, and lonely at home, next to your partner who is equally mad and sad. 

  • What if you can prevent your relationship from going bad to ugly during quarantine?

  • What if you can win back the love and passion that bought you together in the first place? 

  • How to start difficult conversations?

    What is the right way to fight?

    How to revive my broken relationship?

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How to Love Yourself Despite the Chaos Around You?

  • You’re constantly aware of your imperfections. Every time you make a mistake, you blame it on yourself. You believe the reason you haven’t reached your goals was because you aren’t good enough. What if you can identify your emotional triggers and prevent the downward spiral? What if you can embrace your vulnerability and become authentic and confident of your ability?

  • What are the 3-step method to identify your emotional triggers and overcome difficult emotions?

    How to build confidence by embracing your vulnerability?

    How to uncover your hidden strengths and use them to improve your life?

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Finding Hope in Crisis

How to Look for Opportunities in Crisis?

  • What if you have a build-in defense system against crisis? Imagine you’re able to find calm in chaos, figure out the right path to take despite confusion and discouragement. While every one else is struggling, you find the opportunities to succeed.

  • Learn the research-proved methods that successful people use to overcome obstacles. 

  • How to improve your adaptability?

  • How to look for opportunities in the face of adversity?

  • How to build resilience in your children so they can help themselves in times of crisis?


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