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The Art of Good Enough
Reverse Engineer Your Path to Happiness

My mission is to help women uncover their hidden strengths and use their strengths to create the life they love.

From aspiring actress to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy, and a multi-genre author I’ve successfully transformed my life by applying the balancing tools for work and parenting success. My writings and interviews have been featured on MSNBC, Thrive Global, Working Mother magazine, Parentology, and The Times of India.  

I guide women to design their own destiny. My self-help books empower women to pursue self-growth and self-care outside the role of caregiver.  I’m an engaging, entertaining and sought-after speaker for millennial and women’s groups across the country.  My book, The Art of Good Enough, A Working Mom’s Guilt-Free Guide to Thriving While Being Perfectly Imperfect is available on online. 

As a mom of a teenager, I too experienced the worries, doubts, and lack of time that make many women feel inadequate to change their lives around. These two unique approaches helped me and other women take control of our lives:

  1. Discover self-Love through the art of self-discovery

  2. Reverse engineering the path to reaching your goals: to map out the action plan from ‘where you want to be’ to ‘where you are now.’

I help women through my books, workshops, coaching, and speaking so they know the discovery tools  for multitasking with optimum outcomes, improved connections, and the exact steps to build confidence in themselves.

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  • MBA Principles That Help You During the Pandemic
    Want to take control of your life during crisis? Watch this expert interview, and discover the MBA principles that can help you land a dream job, improve relationship, and be a better parent during the pandemic.
    03 June 2020, 20:31
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  • The Only Productivity Hacks You’ll Ever Need
    You’re busy and tired, I know. Too many people are in the house. So many things are out of your control. No one knows when and how life will be back to normal. How to be productive during the lockdown? Here are the only productivity hacks you’ll ever need.
    24 May 2020, 00:55
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  • How to Save Your Relationship During Quarantine?
    You’re feeling trapped, anxious, and lonely at home, next to your partner who is equally mad and sad. What if you can prevent your relationship from going bad to ugly during quarantine? Discover how a timer, a trash can, and a calendar can save your relationship!
    10 May 2020, 00:13
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  • What Do Kids Need to Learn from This Crisis?
    Kids need to learn and grow while schools are closed. However, academic learning is NOT the only thing kids need to learn in this crisis. How about resiliency, resourcefulness, and money management skills?
    12 April 2020, 18:26
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  • Facing Imminent Danger: Real and Imagined
    Having worked in hospitals for over a decade, I witnessed the extremes of human emotions over deaths and second chances. Now the virus is testing everyone's ability to cope with the perceived pending doom, the gut-wrenching uncertainty, and powerlessness.
    12 April 2020, 17:03
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  • Do You Have an Emergency Plan?
    Can you spare a few more minutes to evaluate your readiness for other types of catastrophes? I've been working in hospitals for over a decade. We have routine fire drills to keep all staff ready. Do you have a plan for a house fire at home? Is your smoke detector working?
    08 March 2020, 00:16
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  • The Art of Persuasion in Everyday Writing
    Good writing => Good storytelling => Mastering the art of persuasion => Change the way people think This not only applies to fiction and non-fiction writing but also everyday communication such as emails and letters, college essays, grant applications, advertisements, etc.
    23 February 2020, 18:59
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  • The Secret to All Good Relationships
    The quality of relationships is determined by two factors: beliefs and expectations. Find the difference between each party's perceptions helps to build strong relationships.
    23 February 2020, 17:14
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  • The No. 1 Thing That Kills Our Chances of Success
    Try as many new things as you can, and learn about who you are and what you're capable of along the way.
    23 February 2020, 16:14
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  • See Yourself in a New Light
    Here are the six ways to figure out what you're good at as well as who you are.
    25 August 2019, 13:59
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