Now I know Why People Hate Squirrels

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I've always adored these bushy-tailed squirrels. One day, a friend gave me some Swiss chard seedlings to grow in my garden. Everything was perfect until...

A friend gave me some Swiss Chard seedlings. I was giddy at the prospect of harvesting veggies in my yard. Farm to table, how alluring!



For hours I worked on planting these tender-leafed babies. First, scouting for the best shady location, then layering compost for optimal growth, digging holes, planting the seedlings, and watering them.



When everything was done, I watched the tiny leaves trembling in the easy breeze, while my imagination fast forwarded to the harvest season. What a glorious feeling!



 I went inside the house to clean the dishes, humming a made-up tune. Every so often, I sneaked a peek at the newly planted seedlings through the glass panel. It was just perfect.



When the laundry was done, and the floor was clean, I couldn’t help checking on the Swiss chards.



In the yard, a fat squirrel stood on its hind legs, munching on something. I watched it enjoy its meal, wondering how similar we were, both giddy over good food or the prospect of good food.


a photo image of an fat squirrel eating that reflect this blog topic on why people hate squirrels.
by egiadone

I glanced at the Swiss chard seedlings and froze. They were gone?!


I turned to the fat squirrel. How dare you!


It spun around, holding a half-eaten leaf.


Ahhh! I screamed.


It startled the fat squirrel. In a moment of shock, it dropped the leaf, then picked it up again.


I screamed louder. NOT FOR YOU!!!


The squirrel leaped up the wall this time, and stayed up there watching, still munching on the leftover Swiss chard leaf.


I looked around the yard for rocks. None to be found.


You fat, greedy scoundrel!!! I screamed. My neighbors could hear me, but I didn’t care.


The squirrel stood unfazed on the wall, polishing off the last bit of my Swiss chard.


I thought of the carving knife in the kitchen.


As if reading my mind, the fat squirrel darted out of sight. I stared at the empty wall, filled with rage.


My friend said he had more seedlings to spare. That night, I stayed up Googling the most effective way to keep squirrels away. All cost money, and none were foolproof.  


Every time I walked past the empty plot where the tender-leafed seedlings once stood, I thought of the fat squirrel, and my farm-to-table dream.

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