I’ll Always Carry You

Book description by author Linda L. Franklin, available on Amazon in August, 2019

I'll always carry you

I’ll Always Carry You: A Mother’s Story of Adoption Loss, Grief, and Healing

Nothing can break the bond between a mother and her child. When young Linda finds herself pregnant and abandoned by her baby’s father and her family, she retreats to an unwed mothers’ home to give birth. “You’ll never see him again,” they told her as they took him away for adoption.

For three and a half decades they were right. “You’ll forget and go on as if it never happened,” they promised. Time passes, Linda marries, has two more sons and becomes a psychological therapist. But when her youngest asks a life-changing question, she realizes no mother forgets her baby.

In this powerful true story, Linda reveals her intensely personal experience in stepping through the door of her locked-away past. She revisits the era before the sexual revolution that today seems hard to believe, when the culture of the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s demanded girls like her redeem their shame by giving away their babies.

Along the way, the grief she’s buried in order to survive her traumatic separation explodes, refusing to be silenced any longer. Her body has never forgotten what she tried to erase from her mind. As Linda embarks on her journey to reconnect with lost family, she knows she must have the courage to face her pain in order to heal the broken young woman left behind the wall of shame and secrecy.

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Dr. Ivy Ge

Dr. Ivy Ge

Doctor of Pharmacy, author of The Art of Good Enough. She writes to inspire women to design their own fate. Her writings and interviews have been featured on MSNBC, Thrive Global, Working Mother magazine, Parentology, and The Times of India.

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