How to Manifest a Fulfilling Year Ahead

How to manifest a fulfilling year ahead - Dr. Ivy Ge, author of The Art of Good Enough
Want to realize your dreams and desires and manifest a fulfilling year ahead? The answer is simple, write yourself a letter...

2022 is just around the corner. As you approach the turn of the year, you’re probably wondering what the new year will be like. Better health and relationship? More money and self-care? A new job, skill, or hobby? Instead of wishing for things to happen, why not manifest your dreams and desires, and make 2022 a fulfilling year ahead?

Everything is possible if you set your mind to it.


How to manifest your dreams and desires in the new year, you ask? The answer is simple—write yourself a letter.

This is a letter of your wish list for the next year. You can write it in longhand or type it out on your computer. The format doesn’t matter as long as you have easy access to it.

The purpose of this letter is to read it when you need motivation, encouragement, and support.

List all your dreams and desires, with one item in each paragraph.


Fill in the details on how you envision your success feels like, looks like, and tastes like. The more vivid you can describe them, the more powerful they become when you read the letter over the course of the year.

Write a letter to yourself to manifest a fulfilling year ahead - Dr. Ivy Ge, author of The Art of Good Enough

Write down the reason you want to realize each dream. If it makes you feel special, capable, or important, why do you feel that way about the dream? If it aligns with your true calling, how do you know that is what you were born to do?

Drill deeper into your whys – they are your true motivation to pursue the dreams.


Use your whys to guide you to the right decision, to partner with the right people. Knowing your whys and follow them will make your life easier and make you happier. 

When things are not going well, read the letter to remember your whys, reflect on what is holding you back, look for new opportunities and methods to tackle problems, shut up the negative voice in your head, and be moved by your desire for beautiful things in life.

When things are going well, read the letter to recognize how hard you’ve worked for it, appreciate your drive and efforts, evaluate the lessons learned, thank the people who have helped you along the way, and be generous in helping others in return.

2022 is your year to succeed, to break your own record, to make things happen for yourself.

No one needs to read your letter except you. So be honest and be bold. Write out everything you’ve always wanted to do.

The last step is to send the letter to yourself.


If you choose to type the letter, schedule the email to arrive in your email inbox on the last day of the year. If you handwrite the letter, mail it to yourself (unpredictable delivery date), or take a picture, and email it to yourself. Whichever way you prefer, it’s tremendously rewarding when you savor the very words you wrote a year ago.

By then, some of you might have fulfilled your wishes, and are aiming for new heights. Some of you might have found certain dreams no longer hold true, and that’s okay. You’ve gained new perspective, thus reaching for new goals.

Some of you might be still struggling toward your dream. Take a moment to appreciate your efforts, think about what you would do differently the next time, and try again the next year. If you feel like giving up, watch The Alpinist, where the solo alpine climber Marc-André Leclerc scales the most forbidding, frozen heights in the world.

Certain goals take much longer to reach than others. As long as you still believe in the ‘why’ behind that dream, go for it. The following year, you’ll be wise and stronger to overcome whatever comes your way.

After writing to yourself for a few years in a row, you can clearly see the progress you’ve made, how far you’ve come toward your ideal life. Nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it.

Now, answer this question—what would you put on your wish list?

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