• Facing Imminent Danger: Real and Imagined

    Having worked in hospitals for over a decade, I witnessed the extremes of human emotions over deaths and second chances. Now the virus is testing everyone's ability to cope with the perceived pending doom, the gut-wrenching uncertainty, and powerlessness.

  • The Art of Persuasion in Everyday Writing

    Good writing => Good storytelling => Mastering the art of persuasion => Change the way people think This not only applies to fiction and non-fiction writing but also everyday communication such as emails and letters, college essays, grant applications, advertisements,…

  • Stop Taking Yourself Seriously

    Life Becomes Infinitely Better When You do… That is it.  Before you attempt anything related to mind transformation, the number one rule is to stop taking yourself seriously.  Why? The more you want to protect and defend your old identity,…

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