The Art of Good Enough

I’m an author, professor who writes for women to design their own destiny.

From an aspiring actress to working for airline executives, to becoming a pharmacy professor and a multi-genre author, I have transformed my life while being a full-time working mom.

I write to inspire women to design their own fate. My thrillers tell the extraordinary tales of ordinary heroines caught between personal struggles and national crises. My self-help books empower women to pursue self-growth outside the role of caregivers.

Besides traveling, I enjoy hot yoga, horseback riding, and skiing in the mountains in Lake Tahoe, California with my family.   

You Are My Heroine

I truly believe you have a story that others would love to know. I built this site for women like you to share their passion, knowledge, and wisdom, to inspire others to take control of their lives.

Share your amazing stories with us. Women around the world are waiting for your successful examples to encourage them to keep going despite fear and doubt. Together we are stronger.

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