A Weighty Hope on the Tiniest Wings

hummingbirds are the messengers of hope
Colorful birds always bring me a sense of wonder and inspiration. And this hummingbird became my messenger of hope as I struggled to recover from injuries.

I’m drawn to birds, especially those with striking-colored feathers. Sightings of such rare birds often bring me a sense of wonder and inspiration.

When I started working again after a long medical leave, I frequently saw this male Anna’s hummingbird (which looked exactly like in the photo above) on the trail near my workplace.

It always seemed to appear out of thin air, swooping right in front of me, letting out a trail of happy buzz-whistle-chip sounds before gliding away, its tiny wings fluttering so fast that they looked blurry.

Sometimes, it settled on a branch and stayed still while the branch bounced in a gentle breeze. I would stop and admire its tiny frame and vibrant colors. Over time, it would allow me to walk up close enough to touch it.

Hummingbirds are messengers of hope.
By 7089643 from Pixabay

At the time, I struggled to keep up with work demands while still recovering from injuries. Every day was a challenge, a long-held breath. The slow walk on the trail during lunch hour kept stress and worries away, giving me the space and solace I needed.

Whenever I saw the hummingbird, I would experience a surge of gratitude for the hope and wonder its tiny wings brought me. It lifted me out of a dark corner and showed me the possibilities.

Native American legends often portray hummingbirds as healers or spirit beings who help people in need. I searched online for the spiritual meaning of visits by these tiny birds. It turned out hummingbirds symbolize joy, harmony, and peace.

I found the spiritual meaning explained on the Crystal Clear Intuition website the most fitting for my situation. It talks about how hummingbirds often appear after a serious challenge to encourage you to rebuild a purposeful life.

After a period of time, the hummingbird simply disappeared, although I still stop by the branch it loved to rest on. The bird brought me an important message to overcome my challenges. Now, I’ve found my way on this life journey.

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