A Million Ways to the Moon

3D image of the moon over skyscrapers.
It's a saying we've all heard before, but what does it mean, really? Find out how to see yourself in a new light and why things didn't work out before...

It’s a saying we’ve all heard before, but what does it mean, really?


Here’s one way to look at it:


Even the world’s best golfers disagree on how to grip a putter. The photo below illustrates the drastic differences between each top athlete. What does this tell us, the ordinary folks?


There is no ONE STANDARD METHOD to do anything in this world.

A photo collage of eight world’s best golfers' different putter grips. These images show that there's no one standard method to do anything, thus the topic of this blog post: a million ways to the moon.
by Doug Mills & Bill Pennington

Think about how different we are from each other.


Our tastes in food, fashion, and decoration can vary drastically, as do our natural affinities for different subjects. Some people suck in math, some writing, and some sports.


We were all born with unique skills.


No matter who you are and what you do, there’s always something you can teach others and learn from them. Recognize your special skills and capitalize on them.


For example, I can learn a new language with ease, but can never read a map correctly or tell which direction is northwest. Being a long-haul truck driver would be a terrible profession for me.


Instead of trying so hard to improve your weaknesses, focus on amplifying your strengths. You wouldn’t train a ballerina for a boxing career, would you?

A figure reaching for the moon to illustrate the central theme of this blog post that there are a million ways to reach the moon.
by evindart

Want to transform your life? Forge your own path.


Many people look to celebrities and influencers for proven methods. But they’re not you. Their methods might not work for you. At least, not one hundred percent all the time.


Failure = Wrong Method


So, if you’ve tried other experts’ proven methods and failed, it only means one thing: it’s the wrong method!


Failure is circumstantial. It’s never a reflection of your skills or talent.


You failed once, twice, or many times before doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. It means you’ve been trying the wrong method, the wrong approach.


Like those pro golfers, you have to find your own grip method, the one that fits your personality and natural tendency.


Stop following other people, and start forging your own path. That’s how you transform your life, one step at a time.

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