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Dr. Ivy Ge, speaker, professor, author of The Art of Good Enough

Hi, I'm Dr. Ivy Ge.

My mission is to help millennials improve their resiliency and decision-making skills to reach their personal, professional, and financial goals.

From aspiring actress to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy and an award-winning author, I’ve successfully transformed my life by using these tools:

1. Master the art of good enough in a highly competitive world:

Identify what is important to your wellbeing and how to pursue your own version of success.

2. Discover self-therapy through self-awareness:

Identify your emotional triggers, overcome depression and anxiety, improve focus, and prioritization skills.

3. Reverse engineering the action plan to reach your goals:

How to analyze success models to map out the path from ‘where you want to be’ to ‘where you are now.’

My writings and interviews have been featured on PBS, Thrive Global, Working Mother magazine, Parentology, and The Times of India.  

Through my books, workshops, coaching, and speaking, I prepare millennials for both personal and professional challenges. Email me at [email protected] to find out how I can help millennial students, millennial parents find focus, improve mental toughness, and problem-solving skills to thrive during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Reverse Engineer Your Path to Happiness

  • The Joy Guide from the Happiest Poor People in the World
    Nepalis are the happiest people in South Asia, despite a high unemployment rate, poor healthcare, and education. Here is what they say about happiness...
    28 August 2021, 22:42
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  • I'm Angry and Disappointed. What Should I Do?
    A reader writes to me about her disappointments in life. She has big dreams and works hard toward them, but nothing is happening. Here's what I tell her...
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  • The Beauty of Keeping Everything the Same
    I came across this article about a farmer who eats the same dinner every night. He said, "If someone offered me £2M to move, I would tell them to keep it."
    03 August 2021, 12:05
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  • Perspectives on Life from a Funeral Director
    I learned fascinating perspectives on life from a funeral director's experience with the dead. Believe me, it's not what you think...
    24 July 2021, 12:48
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  • How to Make a Change When Change Is Hard?
    To make meaningful changes in your life, you need to do two things: making good habits easier to implement and bad habits harder to sustain.
    23 July 2021, 22:40
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  • What I Learned from Being the Worst Runner in a Race
    I knew I would be the worst runner in the race, but I'd made a promise. It was the only time I ever competed, and the longest 800 meters in my life...
    09 June 2021, 14:50
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  • What Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self?
    Last week, I gave a talk on successful strategies to a group of pharmacy students. One exercise we did was to share answers to these two questions...
    03 May 2021, 16:20
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  • Life Lessons in a Mirror
    If you put truth in front of a mirror, is what you see in the mirror still true?
    11 April 2021, 17:32
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  • The Cost of What-Ifs
    Fear is holding you back from living your dreams. Here are three things that can help you get unstuck from the trap of endless what-ifs...
    28 March 2021, 22:11
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  • What I Learned from Keeping a Vicious Pet Fish
    My pet fish, Bob, an African convict cichlid died. He was vicious, ungrateful, and stayed true to his nature to the very end.
    03 March 2021, 15:21
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